5 Embarrassing Scenarios Where A Call Blocker App Could Have Saved You

The average person can drum up a memory where embarrassment was alive and well in their lives. Many times, the situations were unavoidable and had to be filed away in the “Please Forget” folder of our brains. Most of the time though, our embarrassing tales of woe could have easily been avoided if only we had done even just one thing differently. Ask anyone and they’ve surely got a tale of receiving the wrong call at the absolute worst time.

While some things can’t be helped, here are 5 real-life situations where these Americans could have saved themselves bruised egos and flushed cheeks by simply downloading a call blocker app:

1. That call cost me, literally

“My wife and I had been married 14 years, but we hit a rough patch and decided on marriage counselling. We are sitting in our second session when my phone rings. I apologize and pull my cell out of my pocket to silence it. The call display reads “Veronica”. I couldn’t believe it. This was my assistant that my wife suspected I was having an affair with (I wasn’t). The call literally could not have come at a worse time. That call cost me 3 extra sessions of counselling.”
– Mark, age 48


2. Oh the Echo!

“Everyone takes their phones to the bathroom with them. As an intern, it is literally the only time of day I have to check personal messages. So I get comfortable in the stall and start scrolling. I can hear quite a few other moving bodies nearby, and the line that was forming behind me when I came in told me it was getting packed in the Ladies Room. I’m usually pretty good for making sure my phone is silenced when I enter the large, marbled washroom at the office, but that didn’t happen on this day. Of course my best friend called and her ring tone is Cher’s “Love after Love”. My phone is as loud as it can be and it startled me to the point where I dropped it and it slid at least two stalls away. Needless to say, the pooping ladies of floor 16 were serenaded by Cher on that afternoon. I have never brought my phone to the bathroom again.”
– Chelsea, Age 26


adorable baby child

3. Horror x 3

“I had just given birth to our triplet boys. Life was chaotic. The boys were in a terrible routine when we brought them home from the hospital. One would fall asleep and the other would want to eat. Then he would fall asleep and the other one needed a diaper change. This routine amounted to almost no sleep for my family. We had to be alert at all times, day and night. It was day 6 of this when a miracle happened. All three boys fell asleep at the exact same time! We couldn’t believe it. We tiptoed to the bedroom and laid down as quiet as we could. I had almost drifted off into sleep when my cell phone blew up in the living room…on the other side of the nursery. My husband and I just sat up and stared at each other as one of the boys started screaming.”
– April, Age 32


4. Attention please!

“It was my 4th day of University. I still felt lost and scared, but I was getting more comfortable with my schedule. I sat down in my first lecture of the day and felt like Aristotle, with higher education at my fingertips. My professor began speaking and I was captivated by what he was saying. Then my cell phone started ringing, snapping me out of my reverie…loudly from my backpack. The professor stopped and looked up at me. I grabbed my bag and started rummaging through it violently looking for my cell. As if things weren’t embarrassing enough with the entire hall watching me look for my phone, the box of tampons I had in the front pocket of my bag spilled out onto my desktop in the midst of my panic. I don’t think I have ever turned that shade of red in my life. They called me “Kotex” that whole first month.”
– Miranda, Age 18


5. Wrong Face, Wrong Time

“I had just started dating a girl from the coffee shop at the end of my street. We had finally gotten to “that” part of the relationship [he means sex]. We were having this amazingly intimate moment and I was telling her how beautiful she was. Her phone started ringing and she said “Just ignore it”. It rang for a minute and stopped and we continued on with our planned activity. Seconds later, it rings again. She grunts an annoyed “ugh” and reaches over to the night stand to silence it. What she didn’t see was that instead of “end” the call, she answered it…with video. It was her mother. Awkward doesn’t even cover the half of it.”
– Alex, Age 28


Most of the time we can’t control who calls us or when, but we can choose to receive, silence or banish that call with a simple push of a button. Next time you find yourself reaching for your phone, do yourself a solid and download a simple call blocker app. You never know when you might need it.

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